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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  October 16, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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good on, i'm anne makove . commuter chaos as two big rig crashes clog up two major highways in the bay area. good afternoon, i'm anne
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makovec. michelle is off this noon. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. and one of the crashes along 680 in walnut creek, the gridlock stretched for miles as crews spent hours cleaning up debris on the highway. lisa chan is live at walnut creek where all lanes are finally back open on 680. >> reporter: good afternoon. about an hour ago, traffic finally started moving again along 680 here in walnut creek. this is a huge relief for commuters who spent a lot of their morning battling grueling traffic. >> it was a mess. i have never seen anything like it. it's the worst traffic i have ever seen on that road. >> reporter: he was one of the many people stuck in gridlock traffic this morning on 680 in walnut creek. his usual ten-minute drive to his son's school took 45 minutes. >> i called the school and they said there would be no tardy's today because everybody would be late. >> reporter: the driver of a big rig with dual trailers filled with 60,000 pounds of gravel had a tire blow out on 680 north at main and walnut
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creek. the driver swerved and hit the center concrete barrier. the truck then drove on top of the barrier, which created a spark and erupted the fuel tanks. the big rig became fully engulfed in flames. >> during the course of the collision, the concrete actually went over into the southbound lanes of traffic and caused about 10 vehicles to be involved with a collision with the concrete. >> reporter: no one was seriously injured including the driver of the big rig. in all, only 4 people had minor injuries. >> we were very thankful especially with it being dark, early-morning hours, you know, it's one of those things where you can't predict what's going to happen. but when it does, drivers were paying attention. >> reporter: caltrans swept all the lanes made repairs to the concrete barrier and then the gravel had to be removed from the big rig to tow it. all that work meant a morning of bumper-to-bumper traffic. it took diane thompson two hours to get from danville to
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walnut creek. >> it was the worst. some of my employees have called and said they are not going to be able to make it in this morning. >> reporter: again, there were no major injuries but the chp says if there's something we can learn from this it's how important vehicle maintenance s you should check your tires -- how important your vehicle maintenance is. you should check your tires regularly. lisa chan, kpix 5. a big rig carrying a load of hay crashed and burned in vallejo. this was the view from chopper 5 as firefighters worked to put it out on highway 37. nobody was injured in the five- car crash. eastbound lanes of 37 are now back open near the mare island bridge but the chp says westbound lanes will likely be closed through the evening. and crews in palo alto busy repairing a water main break this morning at the intersection of hillview and hanover. this is next to hewlett- packard's corporate office. we are told the intersection will likely remain closed for most of the day. there is still no answer
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about what caused that massive sinkhole in union city. water service has been repaired but repair will take several days. crews hope to have it fixed by tuesday. the sinkhole has gone from 6 by 6 to 55 by 30 feet -- from 6 by 6 to 55 by 35 feet. crews are working 10 feet underground to repair the water main. police expect i-5 to open this afternoon after flash floods caused rock and mud slides burying cars and stranding people in the mud north of l.a. reporter chris martinez joins us live along highway 58 in mojave with a look at damage. chris. >> reporter: frank, i'm actually standing in the middle of state road 58 here right now. it is completely covered under thick mud. if you look down here, that's the front end of a very long line of cars, trucks, semis, all of them stuck in this deep mud. they are no pulling them out one after another. it's going to take some time and more rain is expected here
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today. crews are scrambling to clear mud from interstate 5 north of los angeles. a portion of the highway typically congested with traffic is nearly empty. geologists and other experts are inspecting the roads and nearby hillsides to ensure the interstate is safe. >> 911! help! >> reporter: a violent storm triggered flash floods thursday that transformed busy streets into a river of mud. >> we're stuck. >> reporter: firefighters rescued dozens of people trapped in their cars and homes. >> i have been here for 24 years now and have never seen this much water. really can't tell how fast that's moving or how safe it is. >> reporter: hundreds of vehicles litter several highways across southern california. >> that includes down this way on state road 58 near the mojave desert where crews are using bulldozers to dig up cars and trucks out of the mud. >> reporter: the flooding
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backed up traffic for miles. trayvon thayer was forced to sleep in his car. >> i thought i could get through but i'm stuck. >> reporter: while i-5 and other highways are expected to re-open today, the area is bracing for another flash flood watch. and as far as what time interstate 5 will re-open today, we have heard different times. perhaps at least some of the lanes open by 3:00 this afternoon. but they are waiting on geologists to take a look at the land around it to make sure that it's safe and it won't collapse again and come down if it does in fact rain this afternoon. live near mojave, california, today, i'm chris martinez, kpix 5. also developing this afternoon, 6 people have been pulled from piles of rubble and twisted metal after scaffolding collapsed that trapped several people in downtown houston. that accident happened near minutemaid park. a total of six workers were rescued. dozens of first responders are still searching the debris to make sure no other workers are
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trapped. you may not be able to get a ride with uber this weekend. drivers are planning a nationwide strike. in fact, dozens of those drivers plan to protest at company headquarters in san francisco starting today. here's a look at their flyer announcing that work stoppage. it's not clear how many drivers will actually take part. among the things they are demanding, higher minimum fares and cancellation fees. they also want a tip option added to the app. two san francisco police officers are recovering after a deadly struggle near twitter's headquarters. a construction worker flagged down a pair of police sergeants on market street yesterday to report a man throwing glass bottles. one officer tried to arrest the man but he went for the sergeant's gun and they shot him. the suspect's name hasn't been released. both sergeants taken to the hospital, expected to be okay. the 2013 sniper attack on pg&e's metcalf substation was likely an inside job. that's the word from the department of homeland security. that attack nearly took out
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power to large parts of silicon valley and the shooter was never found. the department says it may have been a current or former employee of pg&e or possibly a hired contractor. after tonight, there will be no more u.s. airways. it is combining its reservation system with american airlines, which completes their massive merger. the last u.s. airways flight takes off from san francisco the red eye to philadelphia. it's flight number 1939, which happens to be the year u.s. airways launched its first flight. he is known for a revolutionary style of baseball management. but now a bay area water district is exposing another side to billy beane. he is the third biggest water guzzler in the east bay according to a new report from east bay m.u.d., which says the oakland a's executive and danville resident is using about 6,000 gallons of water per day. that's 6 times the usage ebmud
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set. beane is facing an $800 penalty. >> the penalty is meant to bring home that message that we're in drought. there is a limit and really our focus is on making sure that we have enough water. >> and another danville resident tops the list. george kirkland reportedly uses about 12,000 gallons of water a day. told the san jose "mercury news" that he had a leaky water line. just three days after matching all numbers on a lotto, thomas wroblewski won $15 million from a ticket he bought in safeway in san jose. he will get $9.5 million before taxes with the lump sum option. store owners get $75,000 for selling the winning ticket. still ahead, kia is recalling thousands of vehicles. the problem with the sorento you need to know about next. >> coyote sightings are becoming more frequent. so how do you protect your
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furry friends? dr. jill is in the house with lose sis. that's coming up next. >> we had scattered showers to start the day but more showers are on the way. we'll time it out for ya coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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heath up if you have a kia -- heads up if you have a kia sorento 2011 or 2013. they are recalling them because a brake shift interlock mechanism in the car could chip or crack and that could shift the transmission out of park without releasing the brake. kia says it will replace the defect for free. nevada's gaming commission ordered draftkings and fanduel to cease operations in their
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state. that's because neither company holds a gambling license. the site maintains their games are not gambling, they're games of skill and not subject to regulation. but fanduel and draftkings also now the subject of a federal investigation. u.s. attorney's office in boston is leading the probe against the fantasy sports companies. actor tom selleck played some iconic roles on television. he is the best from "magnum pi" to frank regan the new york city police commissioner on "blue bloods." had a chance to talk to tom about his upcoming sixth season about "blue bloods." >> it's a very interesting thing with frank. you know, he has his own little set of problems. in this case, i don't think people realize that the fdny and the nypd have a great rivalry as well as working together and mutual respect. and the rivalry is pretty serious. >> that's frank reagan, not frank mallicoat. >> we're buds. >> what a guy still looking good at that age. >> and terrific, too.
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chatted with him yesterday. catch "blue bloods" at 10:00 right here on channel 5. okay. how about some weather? the weekend here is. how we doing? >> doing good. started off with some scattered showers this morning. yeah, some clouds and even a bit of rain out there in fact earlier today, check out this video from chopper 5. flying above the clouds as they went from story to story this morning. looks like a dream. we have more details on how long the clouds will be sticking around. they have already started dissipating in many locations. those clouds were -- some showers down below. beautiful shot. let's check with our weather watchers. as you can see, nobody reporting rain right now. we're seeing sunshine from charlie in vallejo. partly cloudy skies 71 from bill in orinda, california. just a few clouds out there. so we'll continue to see some cloud cover from time to time partly to mostly -- well, more partly cloudy than mostly cloudy today although increasing clouds ahead of a weather system moving in
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overnight. right now temperatures pretty mild. 74 concord. 64 oakland. 76 in livermore. 64 right now in san francisco with plenty of blue sky and a mixture of sun and clouds. we will see mild conditions today. saturday however tomorrow expect isolated showers and drizzle and then drier for sunday. and warming as we head into the next workweek. for right now area of low pressure that we have been dealing with the last couple of days, that's what brought up some of the residual moisture here. most of it has now moved out of our area. still south of us chance of thunderstorms today. this low moving on out of here. we have a second one waiting in the wings. this moves in overnight tonight and into tomorrow. and as it does, we'll likely see some showers. so futurecast timing it out not a lot of rain. not everyone going to see it. rain and scattered showers in the north bay. pausing here around midnight we the leading edge of this system moving in. as we advance on into about midday saturday, notice scattered showers again mainly
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up north. can't rule out a few scattered showers throughout the bay but for the most part it will be a north bay event. sunset tonight 6:31. sunrise tomorrow morning 7:20 a.m. we'll take a look at the high temperatures around the bay today. starting off down south, topping out in the low 80s in the south bay. warmest spots inland also in the low 80s today. 70s around the bay. 60s along the coast today. and your extended forecast shows mild today, scattered showers again likely for the north bay tomorrow. drying out on sunday. and then the extended forecast high pressure builds in. temperatures back above normal for your next workweek. so sunshine and warmer temperatures on the way. meantime, back to you guys. with recent concerns over coyote sightings and attacks, dr. jill chase is here to talk about ways dog owners can protect their pets in case of an encounter and she brought in sweet little lucy. hi, sweetheart. is this a big problem? >> yeah. it is now. we think that the drought is bringing all these wild animals
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closer to the urban areas for food and water, obviously. and then of course they are part of our environment. i actually embrace that. but i think we have to be wise about how we're handling it withour small dogs especially. >> in stern grove, not just redwood city and -- >> and in golden gate park. i think the wise thing is to try to avoid areas we know we're seeing a lot of coyotes and if that can't happen, then we should be really mindful about how to handle a situation should you see a coyote being very bold. >> your best friend is your leash, really. keep control of your dog. >> i totally agree. keeping your pet on a leash is the way to go. there's a really great article in the "chronicle." i want to give support to that article. great job in terms of talking about you want to be really big. so if you see a coyote, you don't want to be like all timid and hide and run. you want to make yourself really big and, you know, yell and i love the idea of bringing an umbrella and opening it up and showing the coyote you're in charge. they will get it.
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they will get it that you're the alpha male and they need to back away if they don't want to get injured. >> how about your dog, if you are on a leash, pick them up. keep them away. >> yes. so this is a very serious thing. we have had several pets get injured so badly that they almost died. some have died. if your pet should get injured take them immediately to a veterinarian because the wounds may be worse than you think. sometimes it looks superficial but other times it's very serious. >> lucy, you look well. think you're going to be just fine. some great advice on coyotes. >> and raccoons. >> if you have a question from dr. jill, we invite all you pet lovers send us your questions about their health and well- being. just email or on our facebook page, and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon. it is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to sleep amongst skulls and bones in paris. if you are into it. the "airbnb" deal not for the faint of heart. we'll tell you about it next. ,,,,,,
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significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol increase the risk of death from asthma problems. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. you should tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. symbicort could mean a day with better breathing. watch out, piggies! (children giggle) symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. call or go online to learn more about a free trial offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. best ways to e as i have been seeing from friends of kids pictures in the orchards apple picking season is in full swing. >> stephanie tantillo has tips on the best way to enjoy apples. >> reporter: hey. so apple season is in full swing as you can see in your markets and as you probably have seen a lot of your friends
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and family and maybe even yourself going apple picking. there's a lot of things to do with apples besides eating them out of hand and a lot of it includes baking like apple pie. let's talk about selection and storage on the granny smith apple probably the most popular for bake. when you see it in the market if you are not picking it right off the tree you want to make sure it has a beautiful lime to dark green color, not yellow. this color is perfect. make sure the stem is still attached. then check the bottom. you don't want to see any holes here. it should be heavy for its size. store them in the refrigerator. they look nice on the counter but make sure you get that nice apple crisp and you get that by storing them in the refrigerator. like i said, granny smith apples are probably the best to bake with because they hold up in the heat and so you have a nice tangy tart flavor to them. but i like to offset that so use a sweeter apple with the
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granny smith in any of your pies and tarts and like a red delicious and you will have a couple of different flavor dynamics. i'm stephanie tantillo with your tip of the day. it's for one night only and only fitting on halloween. two people brave enough can win the chance to sleep with skull- lined tunnels at the paris catacombs. the offer from "airbnb" would let you sleep with the remains of up to 6 million people who were buried there during the 18th and 19th centuries. how fun. the winners get a private tour, a dinner and a storyteller, along with their own private overnight suite. you think you're up for it, check out the listing. but no later than october 20. >> that's not for me. >> okay. let's get over to jill schlesinger now with today's jobs report. reporter: in the u.s., women now own 30% of all businesses. that number is growing fast. minority women in particular are starting companies at an impressive rate. the number of companies owned by black women grew by 322% between 1997 and 2015. latino owned companies grew by
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224%. businesses owned by asian- americans grew by 195%. during this same 18 year period companies owned by white women grew by 40%. why are women turning to business ownership in such large numbers? the national women's business council suggests low interest rates combined with a record number of women earning college degrees and the loss of jobs during the financial crisis all paved the way for this growth. the most popular industries for women-owned businesses include healthcare and social assistance, educational services and administrative support and waste management services. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5. ,, ,,,,
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it's our favorite day of the week. happy friday. thanks for joining us today. have a good rest of the day. >> and enjoy your weekend. captions by: caption colorado
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♪ >> steffy: what did i just walk in on? it looks like you're about to explode. does this have something to do with thomas? >> ridge: why would you assume that? >> steffy: i don't know. because maybe he got shipped back to paris. and i have no idea why. what's going on between my father and my brother? ♪ >> maya: i don't want to jump too far ahead. but the thought of being able to have a child together, it's incredible. >> rick: we need nicole. and there's no guarantee. and if she says no, i mean, we can't make her feel guilty, even a little bit. >> maya: agreed. we have to control our reactions and never forget how much we're asking of my sister. >> rick: yeah, we're


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